AM1200 is about the men’s side. It is dynamic and distinct, characteristic and elaborated.
Focusing on the man, who wants to live beyond the crowd claiming for being somewhat different,
unique in his appearance, to dress from a well-distinguished and stylish selection of wardrobe instead of serving the garment trade.
Despite of strictly structured, straight-cut tailoring,
The feeling of comfort and easiness is offered by the clothing that is expressed due to the fine selection of fabrics and the concept of everyday function,
with the attempt to highlight the man from being unnoticeable to become remarkable.

AM1200 is the one and only rendezvous of the female and male attitudes: they reflect on,
complete and effect each other, fuse with and melt in one and other. Man’s collection gets style and harmony
women’s dressing becomes sensible, variable and frisky. It conceptually goes for the natural and organic solutions.
Abstraction and function is well balanced here.
Pure forms filtered through with humor, natural fabrics with extraordinary tailoring methods.

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